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Biweekly, Thursday 12-4, Week 2    
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Feature films are an excellent way to highlight current and historical social and political issues in order to inform and arouse a broad public. This workshop aims to stimulate thought and discussion through such films. We will view the films together, giving the opportunity for immediacy of reaction to the issues. Before viewing, one participant will briefly introduce the film, its director, actors, the making of the film, etc. After viewing, a second participant will address issues the film raises. Both presenters will suggest discussion questions. All films will be subtitled to assist hearing. Examples of films viewed in 2019-20 were Breaker Morant (1980) and Vera Drake (2004).


Diana Chastain ( is a retired Toronto Board teacher and long-time Academy member. She has co-facilitated a critical issues workshop and is a film devotee. She finds group discussion of significant issues stimulating.

Clare Mian ( is a retired teacher (History and French) and administrator at both the elementary and secondary level, and has had a lifelong interest in African and Middle Eastern studies. She is now taking courses at the University of Toronto and is writing on these topics for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

Margaret Prugovecki ( worked for a number of years as a secondary school English teacher, an associate producer on a CBLT Public Affairs program and an administrator of the CBC Talent Resource Centre. As a long-time movie buff with a particular interest in films that examine serious social issues, she looks forward to lively group discussions.

Workshop Notes: