Contemporary Film A

Bi-weekly;  Week One;  Wednesday;  12:15 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.
In-person **Workshop Waitlisted**

Please join us for lively discussions of contemporary films. At each meeting we choose two films, released in the last 5 years and available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Kanopy, to view on our own before the next class. Films may be from any genre — indies, art films, documentaries, block-busters — or whatever moves the class when voting. Participants will volunteer in turn to create a presentation on one of the chosen films, stimulating discussion and reactions. The two presentations per class will focus on aspects such as themes, production values, and take-home values.

We rate the films individually, and then compare our class rating to the Internet rating, just for fun. In preparation for the first session, the co-facilitators will contact registered members with an invitation for two participants to volunteer. They will have the one-time opportunity to select and present a film of their own choice.

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Documentary Film

Bi-weekly;  Week One;  Tuesday;  2:30 – 4:30 p.m.
Online via Zoom **NEW** **Workshop Waitlisted**

Join fellow documentary film fans for lively discussions of thought-provoking documentary films available on Netflix, YouTube, or Kanopy. Each member will choose a film from a list which will be sent to all participants and will introduce the film and start the discussion. Two films will be selected for each two hour session. Different aspects of the films may be examined including themes, the director, and the production values. Members will view the films on their own before each meeting.

The sub-genres for the selected documentary films may include science, nature, history, biographies, music, sports, crime, socio-political issues, and technology.

Members will rate the films and we will compare our ratings to the group and online ratings.

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