Linda Woodcock and Sharyn Salsberg Ezrin – Presenting Our Presenters on Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2023 at 2:30 pm (Winter Forum #1)

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Our first Winter Forum will be presentations by fellow Academy members that were chosen by their Facilitators as outstanding exemplars to share:

Linda Woodcock

Linda Woodcock

Linda Woodcock on ‘The Sky’s the Limit – Dark sky events in Canada’ (Facilitators: Esme McMonagle and Doris Loo)

From: Oh the Places You’ll Go! – Travel Ideas workshop.

“The Sky’s the Limit” covers northern hemisphere dark sky events that took place between November 7th and December 21st 2022.

We’ll explore these wondrous events that occur routinely in Canada and include a total lunar eclipse, the famous Aurora Borealis, a meteor shower and a visit to an Observatory with a special emphasis on Indigenous communities and celebrations.

Sharyn Salsber Ezrin

Sharyn Salsber Ezrin

Sharyn Salsberg Ezrin  on  ‘Leonard Bernstein’ (Facilitators: Paul Nash and Andris Rubenis)

From: Celebration of Song workshop.

Leonard Bernstein brought the world of music to life for me as I watched his Young People’s Concerts broadcast on CBS from 1958 to 1972. Not only were his stories about the music captivating, he also invited young promising singers, conductors and instrumentalists to join in these performances.  During Bernstein’s tenure as the Music Director of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra he broke new ground in the American music establishment by inviting a young Louis Armstrong as a guest to perform blues music.   Bernstein was a conductor, educator, composer, humanist and philanthropist who was ahead of his time and fearlessly stood up for what he believed was right.  His most well-known musical theatre collaboration with Stephen Sondheim is ‘West Side Story’!

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