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Biweekly, Friday 10-12, Week 1   Term 2 (January through March) Only
space available 


This workshop explores the problems and potential solutions surrounding the crisis in Toronto housing, with an emphasis on the issues exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. For each bi-weekly session, all participants will be expected to read four or five selected articles, mostly from Subdivided: City Building in an Age of Hyper-diversity (Editors Jay Pitter and John Lorinc). Occasionally an online video will also be assigned. Each participant is expected to prepare to introduce a one-hour discussion for one workshop during the term.


Maureen FitzGerald ( is an editor, an ex-academic (anthropology) and ex-publisher. She continues to be interested in joining in and contributing to conversations about the pressing issues of inequality.

Sally McLean ( is a retired intercultural communication consultant and continues to wrestle with social justice challenges. She leans towards workshops that push us to consider troublesome issues, such as the notion that housing is a human right.

Sally and Maureen have previously co-facilitated the workshops Reading through Race, Racism and Resistance; and Reading through Borders: Displacement, Migration and Refuge.

Workshop Notes: