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Biweekly, Wednesday 10-12, Week 1
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The intent of this workshop is to delve into the diversity of Toronto’s uniquely various and vibrant neighbourhoods. Presenters will choose a neighbourhood and research its history, significant buildings, unknown (to many people) attractions, parks and landmarks, development over time, changing demographics and future prospects. There are a lot of options for choosing a neighbourhood: a family connection; where you live/ moved to/ grew up; stories from family or friends; or simply researching a neighbourhood that interests you. Some workshops could be supplemented by field trips. Photographs then and now, based on research via the Toronto archives/library, etc. are a possibility.


John Weatherburn ( retired in 2013, following a career with several software companies. His main passion is photography, in particular urban photography, as an excuse to explore the city and document things that people typically don’t notice. He is active with the Toronto Digital Photography Club.

Ian Darragh ( published a series on Toronto’s neighbourhoods in Canadian Geographic magazine, e.g., Robert Fulford on growing up in The Beach. He developed neighbourhood walks for Heritage Toronto and newcomers to the city. He has a keen interest in exploring and photographing Toronto’s distinct neighbourhoods on foot and via the TTC.

Workshop Notes:

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