An opportunity to participate in a research project for lifelong learners

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I am writing about an opportunity for members of the Academy to participate in a research project about how older adults in lifelong learning have experienced the transition to remote learning during the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This study is being conducted by Ms. Jocelyn Badali, who is in her second year of the Master of Arts in Health & Aging Program, Faculty of Social Science, McMaster University. The research has been approved by the McMaster Research Ethics Board. Ms Badali will be interviewing people from a number of later life learning groups in Canada.

The Academy board has discussed this request and approved informing Academy members about the project and providing information so that you may be in touch with Ms Badali if you would like to participate.  This is not a research project of the academy.

The following is a brief description of the research and eligibility to participate:

Ms. Badali is investigating how older adults, who pursue lifelong learning in-person, have interpreted their transition to online, video-based learning because of COVID-19 pandemic meeting restrictions. She is interested in speaking with lifelong learners who

  • Are transitioning from in-person group learning or facilitation, or
  • Have recently dropped out of lifelong learning activities, or
  • Are new to lifelong learning.


Eligibility: You must be 50 years or older and pursuing or have pursued continuing education / lifelong learning. You must have access to the Internet and a device (laptop. smartphone or tablet). Participants without access to the Internet and a device may be allowed to participate using alternative interview methods, such as a telephone.

If you wish to participate in this study, please contact Ms. Badali directly at:

Jocelyn Badali

The Academy for Lifelong Learning Toronto looks forward to the results of Ms. Badali’s study.

Sue Kralik, President