Cities of the Future **CANCELLED **

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Bi-weekly; Week 2; Monday; 12:15 pm to 2:15 pm
Location – TBD

In our workshop, we look at cities and human habitations of all sizes and locations in assessing past successes and upcoming challenges to ensure long term liveability, sustainability and people-friendliness.

We have already explored climate change, demographics and population pressure, pollution, logistics, endemics and pandemics, food and water supply, energy, war, pestilence, etc.  But we have only scratched the surface!

This year, we shall prognosticate possible long-term human habitation trends – both active and passive. What can we control and what can we do about what we cannot control?  Are we in trouble?

Our exploration will examine extreme human habitations (deserts, the far north, isolated areas, underwater habitation), otherworldly locations (Space stations, the Moon, Mars, other planets and their moons, Deep Space), sinking” cities (Venice, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Lagos, Miami), among other intriguing topics.

We shall be future forecasters as well as planners. So  start polishing your crystal balls!


Andris Rubenis( was born in a post-WWII refugee camp in Germany of Latvian parents and came to Toronto at the age of 2. He was a family physician, eventually concentrating in long-term care medicine – all in Toronto. Other interests: grandchildren, music, guitar, singing, anthropology, astronomy, archaeology, paleo-anything, history, Latvian heritage, travel, and lifelong learning (just for the sake of it). 

Karena de Souza( is a strategist, speaker and podcaster. She currently presents to young adults and their influencers (parents, educators, employers) on the Future of Work. Her degree in Math & Computing led to a long career on Wall Street in IT. She joined the Academy in 2018 drawn by its collaborative learning, breadth of workshops and the cluster of curious minds. She published a decision theory book in 2021 “Contours of Courageous Parenting – Tilting Towards Better Decisions”.

Workshop Materials: