Comedians in Search of Gigs

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Left to Right - Don Nicol, Janet Broadley, Melanie Reeve, Esme McMonagle, Margrit Eichler, Matthew Segal, Michael Cole, Ron James, 
Ellen Lewkowicz, Ian Darragh, Priscilla Plat, Ernie Fallen

Following the success of the Academy’s first stand-up comedy workshop last year, and the hilarious show they put on for the Academy Spring Talks, Michael Cole is taking his comedy troupe on the road, and is looking for bookings.

For those who missed the Spring Forum, here are highlights from the "Laughing is the Best Medicine" stand-up comedy show on YouTube:

Michael Cole is looking to set up performance opportunities for graduates of his stand-up comedy workshops. He’s looking to make folks laugh at the challenges and foibles of the aging process at meetings of services clubs like Probus, annual meetings of organizations like the Alzheimer’s Society of Ontario, and at fundraisers.

Do you know someone on the executive of a service club, or on the board of an organization that provides services to seniors, like Baycrest?  If so, and / or if you have a contact at any organization related to seniors, please send an email to