Dance Forms From Around The World: Twist and Swing, Tap, And Waltz – New For 2020 / 2021

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Biweekly, Wednesday 12 – 2, Week 1

Join us in exploring diverse dance forms from around the world. Learn about the twist, tango, flamenco, break dancing, Shaolin Monk Dance and many more.  Learn to appreciate the dance form and its historical, cultural, and political context. Each participant will research and do one presentation on a specific dance form or a dancer exemplifying the dance form, to be followed by discussion.


Yvette Matyas ( worked for over 20 years in healthcare administration, including leading teams and facilitating retreats. She has co-facilitated workshops on Architecture, Reflections on Aging, and Dance.

Thea Herman is a retired judge, lawyer, and senior civil servant. In retirement, she is enjoying pursuing various interests, including Spanish and music (flute and piano). She looks forward to continuing to explore the world of dance.

Workshop Notes:

Dance – Introductory letter

Dance Topics with References

Dance Forms From Around the World