Equality and Inequality

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Biweekly, Thursday  2 – 4, Week 1 – Fall term only to start with
space available

“Inequality is the defining challenge of our time,” said President Obama in December 2013. ‘Equality’ and ‘Inequality’ are words used every day but what do they mean? Are they mutually exclusive? Both will be considered in their broadest sense and not solely in monetary terms. The workshop will look at authors as diverse as Kurt Vonnegut and Thomas Piketty. Each participant will be expected to make a 20-minute presentation on a topic. The focus will be on breaking EQUALITY and INEQUALITY down into ‘bite- sized’ manageable issues such as universal basic income, education, employment, race, dignity, social mobility, income and wealth.


Stephen Johnson (stephenjohnson54@rogers.com) is a Chartered Accountant and is the co- founder of a Toronto asset management company. He is interested in history and current affairs.

Workshop Notes:

Workshop Notes