Europe Between The Wars

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Biweekly, Friday  10 – 12, Week 1
space available

Europe during the 1920s and 1930s experienced great highs and lows. Radical ideas and changes were unleashed in politics, economics, and society, many with unexpected and sometimes devastating consequences. It was also a time of modernization and experimentation in the arts (visual and plastic arts, music, literature, architecture, film, fashion) and in science, medicine, and technology. Women started to come to the fore and the world changed, dramatically and permanently. In this workshop, we will explore the actions, ideas, trends, and innovations of these tumultuous decades, and the people behind them, sharing insights and discussing how they affected and were affected by each other. Participants will present and discuss the person, group, or innovation of their choosing.


Peter Steiner ( retired (sort of) from teaching high school physics and chemistry about 10 years ago. Academy interests include science, history, art, and current events, usually with some connection to societal effects.

Jeff Biteen ( is a retired Human Resources executive and history buff. He previously co-facilitated the Makers of the French Revolution workshop.

Workshop Notes:

to follow