Feedback Sought

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We have had our new website up and running for more than a year now, but work on it has not stopped. We want to ensure that we keep it current, relevant, and fit for purpose.

Are you a website user? Either regulary or periodically? Do you have feedback about things that work for you and / or things that don’t? Do you have a wishlist of things you would like to see?

Or do you rarely look at the site unless you need to do so to handle registration? Are there some aspects to the site that make it less appealing or difficult to use?

The Website team is keen to ensure that our site is one that we can be proud of. To do that, we need your help.

Please send any thoughts or questions you have to at any time.

All feedback is not only welcomed, it is encouraged and valued. Without it we cannot know what needs to be addressed, discussed, or changed.

Thanks in advance!