In Memoriam -Eileen Garber

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What a wonderful person Eileen was!   Her life was much wider than her considerable reach within the Academy. She and her husband Ralph are known to many for their active roles in the running of the Academy and exemplifying all that is great about the Academy.

Eileen’s joyful personality has brought so much to the everyone who met her.  Here are a few words from Jan Roblin:

“She was interested in poetry. I remember she took the poetry workshop that Nancy Hall facilitated and Eileen herself, for a few years, facilitated the writing memoir workshop and I remember her being on the curriculum committee. She was always so active and engaged. It was Eileen who encouraged me to join the Academy and she was successful in convincing me to give talks, join a committee and facilitate workshops. So many members of the Academy would have such memorable connections with her. An extraordinary woman.”

Sharon Harris shared the great picture of Eileen performing with the raging Grannies at an Academy meeting and she also had this to say “(Our) darling Eileen Garber passed away recently.  Eileen’s passing is a real loss to the Academy and to all those who loved her“.

Gillian Long wrote up an interview of Eileen and Ralph for the Q2 2019 AQR, here is a link to that article

Here is a link to the recent obituary in the Globe and Mail

Submitted by Linda Tu