Interested In A Little Friendly Competition with Fellow Academy Members?

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A number of Academicians have expressed an interest in getting together with other Academy members for mingling and some friendly competition. As a result, we are going to open up a room so that members can drop in casually to play cards, board games, etc. It's all friendly competition; no experience needed. Maybe someone would like to teach the new Bridge conventions to those who want to learn? There has been one lesson in the game Spite & Malice, but it was so long ago, that I think a refresher course is necessary!!

If you are interested, please just come along on Wednesday February 28th, sometime between NOON – 2pm, Room 1. Please bring your own game or cards with you. You are welcome to bring a brown bag lunch if you plan to stay for the whole time.

The Forum starts at 2:15, so that ties in nicely with the game timing.