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Biweekly, Monday  10-12, Week 2 – Fall term only


This workshop is for music lovers who want to learn about the fusion of jazz and classical music which developed in the 20th century. We will be examining the origins of jazz, its impact on European composers from Debussy and Ravel onwards, and its subsequent use by North American composers like Gershwin, Copland, Bernstein and John Adams, to name but a few of a host of serious musicians attracted to the vitality of the genre.

The workshop will also offer opportunities to see what artists primarily identified as jazz musicians (e.g. Scott Joplin, Duke Ellington, Dave Brubeck et al.) created by using classical forms like opera and symphonies. The only prerequisite for the course is a love of music. Musical terms will be explained by the facilitator. CDs, tapes, DVDs and the internet provide a vast array of material for a 20-minute presentation. A selection of possible topics will be provided. An excellent introduction to the topic can be found in Alex Ross’s book, The Rest is Silence. The facilitator will assist with technical questions about music theory.


Brigid Elson (brigelso@bell.net) has a Ph.D. in French, taught for the Toronto Board of Education (including music) and has published five eBooks.

Workshop Notes:

to follow