Lesser-Known Classical Composers ***Cancelled***

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Bi-weekly; Week 1; Wednesday; 10 am – 12 pm
Location: TBD

There are only a handful of classical music composers whose names are known by all. The idea behind this workshop is to have participants explore the music of some lesser know composers. There are literally hundreds of men and women whose names and great music are unfamiliar to most of us. But there are online examples of the work of many of these lesser knowns. Pick an era, scan the list of composers from that era, browse the Internet for musical examples of their work. Share your discovery with fellow workshop participants. It’s time to explore some lesser know composers’ music, and a workshop seems a good way to begin that exploration. Help will be provided to extract the music and present it to the workshop. Reference material about some lesser known composers will be developed and posted as it is being developed on the facilitator’s website: http://fabian.ca/lesser


Bob Fabian (robert@fabian.ca) started life torn between the French Horn and Science. Computer Science and consulting won out as a career, but music has remain a love. He has shared that love by moderating a baker’s dozen of classical music courses at Ryerson’s LIFE Institute.

Workshop Materials: