Let’s Just Laugh ***Cancelled***

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Bi-weekly; Week 1; Thursday; 12:15 pm – 2:15 pm
Location: TBD

In this fun-filled workshop, we will explore the various genres of comedy including Stand-Up, Sketch, Improv, Satire and Slapstick and the many contexts in which comedy is delivered such as Sitcom, Late Night, SNL, movies, plays, literature, cartoons and more!

Learn what makes us laugh and share what makes you laugh.  Find out the secret of comedy writing in all its forms.  If ‘laughter is the best medicine’, then it’s more urgent now than ever to find your funny bone!  Enjoy the humour as participants share their favourite examples of comedy in the workshops.  Participants may even try their hand at writing and presenting their own comedy in front of the class at the end of term, but only if they wish, no pressure whatsoever


Priscilla Platt has been involved with the Academy’s comedy workshops for the last four years and has been co-facilitator and facilitator for the last three years.  In addition, Priscilla performed in the Academy’s comedy workshop end of term shows.  A graduate of the Second City Stand Up Comedy Course, she has performed at the Absolute Comedy Club in Toronto.

Laura Tyson has participated in the Comedy workshop for the past 3 years. She has taken Standup Comedy and Improv classes at Ryerson and has performed with their Act2Studio on stage, as well as ZOOM. Laura has a Music Care Certificate from Room 217 and has been a therapeutic Caring Clown for over 10 years. She uses laughter, music and song with seniors in several long term care homes in GTA. She also teaches Laugher Yoga.


Workshop Materials:

Notes and Topics