The Last Lap: Thanks for the Walks and the Memories

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Waving good-bye to another successful Walks season

Rene Laukat Reports From The Trail

On a rain-threatening and drizzly day,seven 'regular' walkers showed up at the Old Mill TTC station for a near circling of the upper Humber River. Capably led by Mark Abbott, who was celebrating his birthday in this auspicious way, the group passed the numerous falls / barriers, the site of the annual salmon run as they struggle upstream to their spawning grounds. Although no fish were sighted by our group, the three short-route walkers who later joined us at our cozy luncheon spot, regaled us with awesome sightings of salmon bravely attempting the barriers but defeated by the wild waters.

Once again, many good wishes, Mark, for a great year ahead and many thanks for leading a terrific final walk of the season. And a huge shout-out of thanks to Ken for organizing these amazing weekly adventures, and to all the walk leaders....and followers. Looking forward to another year of terrific Academy Walks ahead.

Breaking trail....
One of the beautiful sites along the route