With sadness….

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It is with sadness that we say a fond farewell to Academy member Chris Gort, who died peacefully on April 2nd after struggling with ALS since 2017.

Chris joined the Academy in 2013 on the recommendation of his wife Elaine who joined in 2011. He co-facilitated From Page to Screen (books adapted to film) and Socio-Political Feature Films while Elaine co-facilitated Memoir. Chris was a valuable member of the Architecture workshops where he gave illuminating insights from his background as an engineer. His technical skills were always welcome in workshops as was his openness to differing opinions.

Chris managed the increasing challenges of his illness with a positive attitude and forward-thinking planning, adapting his home and cottage so that he could enjoy family life as long as possible. He and his family have been an inspiration. They enjoyed extraordinary extended family and community support over the period of his illness. His voice was the last to go and Chris dictated email updates which he circulated to anyone interested.

A celebration of his life was held on March 24th attended by over 200 family and friends including family travelling from the Netherlands. Chris is survived by his wife Elaine, his sons David and Paul and their wives, and his grandchildren Em, Shane, Stellan & Saskia

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