Get involved with the Academy by volunteering! Get to know members and contribute as a member of one of our committees or as a facilitator.

The Academy has no paid staff but rely completely on member volunteers to facilitate workshops and serve on the committees that keep our Academy running smoothly. We are always looking for new volunteers.

Now why would anyone want to volunteer to do work to keep the Academy running? Well, some people just like to keep busy, some people feel an obligation to give back to an institution that they enjoy, but the majority volunteer with the Academy because it’s fun. It’s a wonderful way to make new friends, bonding over solving tricky problems together.

But there is a tendency for the same people to hold the fort over the years, and we’d like to mix it up a bit and involve more of the members to roll up their sleeves and run the Academy. Now we realise some people just can’t spare the time. Maybe you’re still working, or you’re not well yourself, or you’re looking after someone else. But if you do have the time, please consider volunteering to volunteer.

The following are brief descriptions of the tasks performed by our five standing committees:


  • Edits and produces ALLTO ECHO, the Academy's new eMagazine
  • Reports on Academy events and provides updates for the News section of the website, such as Month-at-a-Glance and summary reports of Forums and Talks
  • On request, assists other groups with the design/creation of their messages


  • Develops a program and schedule of workshops
  • Evaluates workshops
  • Organizes a Facilitators Forum
  • Supports audio-visual training for workshops


  • Keeps the database of members up-to-date
  • Processes and confirms registration and fees
  • Monitors workshop numbers
  • Prepares class lists and attendance sheets

Special Events and Activities

  • Plans social events
  • Organizes venues, catering, registration and entertainment
  • Oversees Special Interest Groups
  • Plans Walks


  • Develops and presents a program of interesting speakers for Wednesday Forums and Spring Talks

There are all sorts of skills needed to keep the Academy lively and engaging. If you like to write, enjoy photography, have design or graphic skills, etc., there is a place for you even if you don’t feel that you want to commit full time to one of our committees.

If you have an interest or skill to share, or if you would like to know more about volunteer opportunities at the Academy, email academylifelonglearningto@gmail.com.