Summary: Beltline and Cedarvale Walk – May 30, 2019

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With rain seriously threatening, it was gratifying to find 8 Academy 'long' walkers awaiting me on Tuesday morning at Davisville TTC Station  where I filled in as walk leader for Susan Ladle who sadly  had succumbed to mobility issues.  Susan was missed and hopefully will be back on the trails soon.

Having led this much-loved route often in the past, the last time for Toronto Seniors' hikers in snow-storm conditions, it was a pleasure to  amble along the well-trodden paths of the Beltline and Cedarvale  Ravine, now awesomely vibrant with grasses and  foliage so green as to seem unreal to the eye used to endless months of grey, we ambled along for near two hours, joining Ian and the 'short' walkers group at 'Mashu Mashu' where 14 of us lingered along the central banquet table for a delightful Mediterranean-menu lunch.

Looking forward to seeing you all next Tuesday when Ken will revive the much-favored 'Kingsway/Mimico Creek/Islington Murals' walk from Old Station.

Happy Trails!  Rene