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Biweekly, Wednesday 12-2, Week 1    
space available


Each participant will present on a specific philosopher in the Western tradition, from the ancient Greeks onward, describing his* life and one or more of his* ideas, as he tries to think clearly. We will primarily reference two recent (2016) acclaimed books by Anthony Gottlieb: The Dream of Reason and The Dream of Enlightenment. These books are “well-researched, eminently readable” and available through the Toronto Public Library. Here is a chance to dip your toes in an intriguing stream of literature or return to an old love. Even experienced readers will enjoy Gottlieb’s take.

(* Sorry, but it’s true: they are all old, dead, white males.)


David Brodie ( has been a member since 2003 and has attended and facilitated numerous workshops on a variety of topics – few of which relate to his academic background – but all of which he enjoyed.

Martin Jones ( has been an Academy member since 2016. He is a retired business executive whose interest in the history of philosophy began in university and developed during a career in which he spent way too much time on airplanes and in airports, foreign cities and jungles with little to do but read.

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