Crime, Prevention and Punishment

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Bi-weekly; Week 1; Tuesday; 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
via Zoom

As long as there have been people there has been crime. And as long as there has been crime, there have been victims and societies seeking revenge, retribution, or rehabilitation.

Join us to explore historical, cultural, and controversial topics as diverse as forms of crime, law enforcement, the justice system, criminology, cultural representation of crime, infamous criminals, famous crimes and/or trials, gangs, and organized crime.

In addition to our presentations, we will also be discussing (debating?) such questions as:

  1. Is espionage a crime?
  2. Should I be able to sell my organs privately?
  3. Is torture a crime if used for “good”?
  4. Are the rich, powerful and influential above the law?
  5. Is censorship a crime?

With a broad range of topics from which to select the focus of your 20-minute presentation, and no required readings, you will have the freedom to explore in detail anything that inspires you, and every session will have plenty of time for lively discussion.


Cathy Spark ( is a passionate, lifelong student of social history, and loves to share her interests in workshops with other curious learners. She has facilitated a number of workshops over the last 5 years on topics as varied as the Cultural History of Food and Drink, Conspiracy Theories and Art Crime.

Workshop Materials:

Proposed topics