Contemporary Quebec

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Bi-weekly; Week 2; Thursday; 12:15 pm – 2:15 pm
Location: Tartu (G6)

How well do we, in Ontario, understand our next-door province – its cultural richness; its views on immigration; its sensitivity to language and identity; its nationalist aspirations; its approach to managing climate change; the many differences between Montreal and its regions? Do we know and listen to its voices in popular culture, art, film and literature?

This workshop will explore today’s Quebec in its multiplicity and distinctiveness – a province with a vibrant culture, diverse population, riveting politics and determined secularism – a province often misunderstood by its fellow Canadians.

Participants will be asked to research and prepare a presentation on one of the topics from the exploration framework we’ve developed which may evolve, particularly from the lens which the October 2022 provincial election will provide. We hope to include some outside presentations as well. Participants do not have to understand French to enjoy this workshop as all the recommended resources, sources, websites etc. are in English, supplemented by some in both languages.


Gwyneth Buck has enjoyed Academy workshops for 10  years, and co-facilitated a workshop on “Public Parks as Contested Spaces” in fall, 2020. She has had a lifelong love of choral singing, and her interests include history, French literature and outdoor pursuits. She worked in university administration for 25 years and has an MA in History.

Mandy Thomson is a long-time Academy volunteer, learner and Facilitator. After retiring from education administration, she has spent her retirement volunteering in  non profit  governance. Since the October Crisis of 1970, she has harboured a fascination with Quebec – its culture, its people, its politics – and looks forward with great anticipation to examining it further with Academy colleagues.

Workshop Material:

Welcome Letter

Overview / Key Readings

Weekly Course Outline


Resource List