The New Yorker Readers

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Bi-weekly;  Week Two; Wednesday ; 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon
In-person **Workshop Waitlisted**

The New Yorker Readers workshop provides provocative and thoughtful engagement with The New Yorker across its many platforms.  At each meeting, we tackle three to five items including articles, commentary, reviews, criticism, short stories, poems, cartoon contests and magazine covers.  Readers choose items to be discussed from recent issues and online material and signal their interest to the facilitator who prepares an agenda to be distributed electronically in advance of the workshop.  The presenter leads off the discussion with a five-to-six-minute presentation explaining why the item was of interest and posing any questions or issues it suggested.  After the presentation, the floor is opened for comments and opinions.  Participants are expected to have read the chosen items in advance so that everyone can assume a common knowledge base and engage fully.  The New Yorker magazine is available by subscription (print and online), at newsstands, and online through the Toronto Public Library.


Donald Wallace ( joined the Academy in 2016 after an eclectic career. He held administrative positions at York University and Ontario Tech, was the founding Executive Director of the Ontario Centre of Engineering and Public Policy and was a communications officer for the Power Workers’ Union.

Sylvia Milne  ( is a graduate of U. of T. Modern History, and her career included teaching and group facilitation, primarily in the Outplacement Counselling business. She enjoys an active retirement, which includes reading, movies, theatre, concerts, and community service.

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