Key Moments that Shaped the World

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Bi-weekly; Week 1; Tuesday; 10 am – 12 pm
via Zoom  

Inspired by Neil Oliver’s book The Story of the World in 100 Moments, this workshop will explore the moments in history that shaped the world in significant ways. Moments like the day Darwin set sail on the Beagle; Hitler was rejected from art school; the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed; Facebook was launched; Gutenburg got the loan to build his printing press; and Mohammad heard the voice of an angel. The possibilities are practically endless.

Your 20-min presentation on a moment of your choice will focus on the implications of the event. In our discussion period we will also envision how things might be different had the moment never happened.

The workshop promises something for every interest – from science to history to politics. And the discussions promise to be thought-provoking and lively.


Cathy Spark ( is a passionate, lifelong student of social history, and loves to share her interests in workshops with other curious learners. She has facilitated a number of workshops over the last 5 years on topics as varied as the Cultural History of Food and Drink and Conspiracy Theories.

Brian Gaston ( is a retired civil engineer who worked in senior government positions and has had experience in dealing directly with democratically elected politicians.  He is a long-time Academy member volunteering in many areas such as Facilitator, Tech Team Leadership and President.


Workshop Materials:

Topic suggestions