New Yorker Readers

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Bi-weekly; Week 1; Thursday; 10 am – 12 pm
Location: Tartu (G1)  ***WORKSHOP WAITLISTED***

Join the Readers for a lively, provocative, fun, thoughtful, and always timely discussion of items from The New Yorker magazine.  At each meeting we discuss 3-4 articles, reviews, stories, poems, cartoons and covers – or anything else that may be found in the magazine. Readers choose the items to be discussed from previous issues (preferably the last 2 or 3), email the details (title, author, issue, page) of the items to the facilitator who relays them to the rest of the class. All are encouraged to read the chosen articles so they can be prepared to discuss them in a thoughtful manner at the next meeting. The person who chose the article leads off the discussion with a five to six-minute presentation – explaining why the article was of interest and posing any questions that were brought to mind.

A very brief summary of the topic is permissible so long as plenty of time is left for discussion. Presenters should assume workshop participants have read the selected articles and there is no need to reiterate their content.

The New Yorker magazine is available by subscription (both print and online) and at newsstands.


Sylvia Milne  ( is a graduate of U. of T. Modern History, and her career included teaching and group facilitation, primarily in the Outplacement Counselling business. She enjoys an active retirement, which includes reading, movies, theatre, concerts, and community service.

Donald Wallace ( joined the Academy in 2016 shortly after his retirement. He has been a devoted New Yorker reader since his teens and not just the cartoons.


Workshop Materials: