Opinions B

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Bi-weekly; Week 2; Wednesday; 10 am – 12 pm
Location: Tartu (G1)  

This version of Opinions will meet at Tartu at the earliest opportunity, but until then will meet via Zoom.  Once in Tartu, there will be no concurrent Zoom.  Members who wish to enjoy Opinions via Zoom only should enrol in Opinions A”. 

Participants will discuss articles taken from a wide range of journals, newspapers, and other sources. Topics should be substantive enough to be worthy of discussion. The group will consider the case made by the author in the light of experience, alternative points of view, and other material that may be offered by the presenter. Participants are expected to read articles chosen for review, take turns introducing an article and starting the discussion, and are encouraged to suggest suitable articles from their own reading. 


Sue Kralik(csuekralik@gmail.com) is a retired school principal whose interests include political activism, history, choral singing, Scottish Country Dancing, and astronomy. Sue looks forward to another year of lively discussion in Opinions 

Connie Uetrecht (connieuetrecht420@gmail.com) is a retired public health professional whose interests span from nutrition, health promotion, continuing education, gardening, horticulture and music to politics.  She is looking forward to her first experience as a co-facilitator for the Opinions workshop.

Workshop Notes:

Articles for Discussion / Topics