Paradigm Shifts

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Bi-weekly; Week 1; Tuesday; 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Via Zoom***NEW*** Winter Term only ***

Paradigm is defined as: “a model of something, or a very clear and typical example of something.”

“Paradigm shift” has its origin in science but is applied today from everything from science, politics, advertising, and pop culture.

Examples from history would be realizing the world is round, not flat; the earth is not the center of the universe; the discovery of the new world; the germ theory of disease; the first use of horses in warfare; various political revolutions; the rise of a new religion.

Our Workshop will search out the most significant change in each field and resulting impact on the world. (presenters’ choices) with 12 fields to draw from for each workshop session. Each workshop session will have 2 Paradigm shifts presentations.  There will be some disagreement, therefore we will vote at the end.

Note: Everyone is expected to make a 20-25 minute presentation on a chosen topic.


Ron Miller ( has had a long career in the Aerospace industry after graduating as an engineer from McGill University. Ron has co-facilitated workshops at the Academy for the past 4 years and is interested in all things “tech”and science and in particular, multidisciplinary workshops. When not playing tennis, Ron might be found working on his latest technology article for the Academy AQR.

Laura Tyson ( spent 25 years in the airline industry, 17 of which were in the technology & automation, after graduating with a Sociology & History degree from York University. Laura & Ron worked together co-facilitating Climate Change and Brain Refreshed. Laura also runs the Academy’s MAC User group SIG on Tuesdays. They call her the MAC PI! In her free time she enjoys acting, standup, improv and especially therapeutic clowning at long term care homes in the GTA.

Workshop Materials:

Facilitator Notes