Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll – The Impact of the Swinging Sixties

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Bi-weekly; Week 2; Thursday; 12:15 pm – 2:15 pm
Location: Tartu (G1)

Part reminiscence and part historical gaze, this workshop has something for everyone!  Rarely has an era of history been as influential as the sixties.  Whether a walk down memory lane or a dig into the history of the era, this workshop will unearth surprising insights.  Was this the best of times or the worst?  What is the legacy of the swinging sixties and how did it shape our lives today whether in the culture, music, art, relationships, therapeutic drugs, psychotherapy, activist movements and more?  Join us to explore the influences that shaped the sixties and their wide-ranging impact.  Each member will pick one aspect of this era for their presentation from a list provided by the facilitators or one of their own choosing.


Priscilla Platt is from the boomer generation and has fond memories of the 60s.  Priscilla is a retired lawyer and currently a fitness instructor, all of which were hugely informed by the 60s.

Sue Wessenger also a boomer with memories of the 60s….not all fond but they certainly shaped her life outlook then and now.  Sue is a retired educator with a strong science background. She is interested in participating in a variety of Academy offerings and expanding her knowledge by contributing and learning from others.

Workshop Materials: