Object Lessons

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Bi-weekly;  Week Two;  Monday; 12:15 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.
In-person **NEW**    

Object Lessons utilises the growing field of material culture studies to examine the hidden lives of ordinary objects. We will create a critical framework based on the series of concise books, essays, and a blog by the same name – a joint effort of Bloomsbury Press and The Atlantic magazine. There are many titles in the series, which continues to expand. Participants can choose a book or an essay to share. Examples of recent titles are Veil, Cell Tower, and Coffee. They can also bring a personal item to analyze with the group. To glimpse the intrigue that the analysis of objects can bring to the fore, you can consult the series website:



Julia Matthews (juliamatt@gmail.com) is a long time member who has facilitated several workshops. Her varied career spanned teaching and librarianship, including two decades at the ROM, where she watched the fascinating world of material culture studies evolve.

Marg Morriss (mmoriss@ryerson.ca) taught English at Ryerson University for many years, and now enjoys the social and intellectual stimulation of the Academy workshops and activities.

Workshop Materials:


RESOURCES List for Material Culture