Contemporary Film B

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Bi-weekly;  Week Two;  Tuesday;  12:15 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.
Two Terms; Online via Zoom

Come and join our Zoom discussion group where participants each select a current film available for viewing on Netflix. Two films will be presented at each workshop and all aspects of the film will be discussed. Members are expected to have viewed the two films recently and in advance of the workshop to ensure lively and congenial discussion. Think of Film B like a tasting menu in a fine restaurant. In the same way as you’d try dishes on a tasting menu at a fine restaurant that you would otherwise never think to eat, in Film B you’ll view films that you would otherwise never think to watch.


Carol Ann Witt ( loves to watch good films and talk about them with other film buffs. She bets you do, too. She is not a film professional—far from it—but she does have some skills in communication. Carol Ann undertakes to use those skills to facilitate lively and congenial discussion about the films we watch in Contemporary Film B.