Documentary Film

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Bi-weekly;  Week One;  Tuesday;  2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Two Terms; Online via Zoom

Documentary films are a powerful medium that can be used to inform, educate, observe, persuade, expose, improve, and challenge ideas. In this workshop, participants will watch documentary films available on various streaming services including Netflix, Kanopy (free with a library card), CBC Gem and YouTube and then we will discuss the films at each meeting.

The categories for the films may include science, nature, history, biographies, music, sports, crime, socio-political issues, and technology. Each member will select a film of their choice and will introduce the film and start the discussion. Members will view the films on their own before each meeting. Two films will be selected for each two-hour session. Different aspects of the films may be examined including new or interesting ideas or information, themes, the director, the cast, and production values.

Join us as we engage in lively discussions of thought-provoking documentary films.


Roma Donatelli ( studied languages at Carleton University and then went to the University of Heidelberg on a scholarship. She spent 38 years as an agent for Air Canada. As an Academy member for 13 years, Roma has sat on the membership committee, led the short walks and facilitated the coffee chats.

Sandra Linton has been an Academy member for more than 13 years and has facilitated several Academy workshops and special interest groups. She has spent her career in learning and development in the software training industry. At the Academy, she enjoys exploring her interests in history, geo-political issues, technology, documentary film and biographies.

John Weatherburn ( retired from IT in 2013 and joined the Academy. He has been President and on a number of different committees. He has led workshops on Photography and on Toronto Neighbourhoods. As well, his main interests are photography and family history research plus of course family: now 5 grandkids.

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