Economist Readers

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Weekly;  Week One and Two;  Thursday;  10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Two Terms; In-person and Online via Zoom

This group will meet to extract the wit and wisdom in politics, business, finance, culture, literature and science from this influential international journal. Subscription copies can be delivered by mail (phone 1-800-456-6086) or electronically ( At each session, the group selects about eight articles and the discussion is begun by the proposer of each article with a short introduction to the article.


Linda Tu ( is a scientist by training and persuasion. She has taught science courses at university level and informally to bright children.

Sheila Neysmith ( Professor Emerita, University of Toronto has published extensively on how policies affect the paid and unpaid caring labour of women. Sheila is a founding member of House Calls (a multi-disciplinary home are team). Sheila serves as Ethics and Board Chair of both SPRINT Senior Care and Carefirst Senior and Community Services.

Don Plumb ( wrote science textbooks and worked in classrooms, teacher training workshops, and educational television with the goal to expand teaching beyond chalk-and-talk.

David Brodie ( has been a member since 2003 and has attended and facilitated numerous workshops on a variety of topics – few of which relate to his academic background in Physics and Business Administration – but all of which he enjoyed.