Immigrant Experiences in Canada

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Bi-weekly;  Week One;  Tuesday;  10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
One Term – Winter; Online via Zoom  **NEW**  

How do newcomers to Canada experience life here? Not all in the same way. Let’s read some recent first-person essays and fiction excerpts to see what some newcomers and second-generation immigrants say around key themes. We’ll express our thoughts and reactions from our own perspectives, whether born-in-Canada or a (long-ago?) immigrant. For background, we’ll add a short report on the statistics of immigrants from the various countries and, where possible, on the author’s life.

Texts, two to three per meeting, usually a total of about four pages, will be posted at the start of the course. Participants will be asked to join the conversation for each essay and to sign up to report on one author bio or immigration statistics. Key themes: Desire to belong, attitude toward the family’s original culture, language skills, child/parent attitudes, hope for the future in Canada.


Joan Bartel ( has lived in four countries, ending up happily in Canada. She enjoyed a long career as manager and instructor in the field of English as a Second Language, including cultural and business soft skills in her lessons.

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