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Bi-weekly;  Week Two;  Friday;  10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Two Terms; Hybrid; Simultaneously In-person and Online via Zoom 

This workshop is delivered in Hybrid mode. Some participants will be online via Zoom while others are simultaneously in-person in the classroom. Total attendance is limited to 24 with a combination of online and up to 12 in-person at Tartu.

Just like the previous classic Opinions workshops, participants will choose their topic from a curated list of articles in the notes section below. Articles typically have appeared in well-known Canadian and US monthly journals or the Op Ed pages of the Globe & Mail, New York Times, Washington Post, Guardian, etc. We cover a wide range of current interests from abortion rights to xenophobia in society. Anything is fair game. There is “Tech”, pop culture, arts, business, politics, health & religion. You may also propose an article not on the list to the Facilitators.

Participants will need to choose their Hybrid option as they register – either on-line via Zoom or in-person at Tartu. Facilitators will need to be consulted if you need to change your option choice during the year.


Ron Miller (ronmiller@rogers.com) worked in the Aerospace industry after graduating as an engineer from McGill University. Ron has co-facilitated workshops at the Academy for the past 4 years and is interested in all things “tech” and science and in particular, multidisciplinary workshops. When not playing tennis or pickleball, Ron might be found working on his latest technology article for the Academy Magazine.

Stephen Johnson (stephenjohnson54@rogers.com) is a Chartered Accountant and is the co- founder of a Toronto asset management company. He is interested in history and current affairs. He has facilitated the Equality and Inequality workshop and the Democracy and Conflict Resolution workshop and also co- facilitated the Sport and Its Influence on Society workshop.