The New Yorker Readers

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Bi-weekly;  Week One;  Thursday;  10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Two Terms; In-person  

The New Yorker Readers workshop provides provocative and thoughtful engagement with The New Yorker magazine. At each meeting, we discuss three to five items from among recent articles, commentary, reviews, criticism, short stories, poems, cartoon contests and magazine cover. Readers choose items from recent issues and online material and let the facilitator know their willingness to present. The facilitator prepares the agenda of what will be presented which is distributed by email in advance of the workshop. Participants are expected to have read the chosen items in advance. The presenter leads off the discussion with a 5-to-7-minute presentation and poses questions. After the presentation, the floor is open for comments and opinions. The New Yorker magazine is available by subscription (print and online), wherever magazines are sold, and online through the Toronto Public Library, via PressReader.


Doug Reeve ( loves the New Yorker and has been an enthusiastic member of the New Yorker Readers group for several years. He worked as an engineering professor and consultant. He latterly focused on engineering leadership development in the classroom and the workplace. Doug is currently relearning the three R’s: Reading, Writing, and Reflection.

Zella Wolofsky ( began reading the New Yorker in1969. Following her first retirement as a modern dancer then getting her doctorate in Adult Education at age 40, Zella worked in Labour Relations for the Ontario Government. After her second retirement, she travelled extensively. She has been an Academy member for many years.