Zoom Phenomenon

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Bi-weekly – Week 2 ; Tuesday ; 2pm – 4pm

Terms 1 & 2 – via Zoom     Workshop cancelled

This is not a how-to” workshop but an exploration of Zoom history and video conferencing in general; its uses in various fields, and impact on our behaviour. It may or may not be with us in 2022 but we will have had at least a year of experience with it and something we will remember about the Pandemic. Topics will include the technology history & development; psychology of perception as applied in Zoom; the good and the bad, ugly and weird; is Zoom actually a new medium”? There will be opportunities to discuss our own personal experiences and discuss where is Zoom going in the future 


Ron Miller(ronmiller@rogers.com) had a long career in the Aerospace industry after graduating as an electronics communication engineer from McGill University. Ron worked on many man-machine interface projects and is interested today on our person-to-person interactions at the Academy and the effect of technology on society when he is not playing very low tech tennis. He is also co-facilitating The Brain: Refreshed” workshop.

Laura Tyson ( Lauratyson88@gmail.com) a York grad with  Hons. BA in Sociology & History. Deferring her teaching degree, Laura spent 25 years in the airline industry. She gained extensive experience in the computer reservation side of the Sabre Travel Information Network and spent 17 years in development and training.

Workshop Notes:

More workshop information – The Zoom Phenomenon

In March 2020 out of necessity we all went on Zoom. In this Workshop we will explore how Zoom has affected us, what it is being used for in the World and what its’ future might be. Video conferencing is not exactly new and there is research and history to explore. Some area categories from our list of topics (available for selection in June) are: Technology – how it works, how it compares to other services; Psychology- social, perception, interpersonal communications; Zoom History – a case study of its’ early use as a business application to market dominance & zoom’s competitors; Zoom uses – business, education, remote medicine, entertainment, health & wellness; Zoom Use in our peer learning workshops – what surveys show, our personal stories. Zoom Future – is our world going to be continuously on-line? What about privacy? What about seniors adapting to Zoom?

 FYI: Zoom has become as invasive of our personal “home space” when compared to the advent of Radio in the 1920’s.

As well as planning the Presentation timetable we will reserve some time slots where Laura & I will engage some leaders in the Zoom world in discussion and Q &A with the group. Also, we will show off the use some Zoom features built into the technology that have not been previously used in past Workshops.

Of course, in standard ALLTO practice we would like everyone to make a short 20-25 minute presentation. However, if you like you can find a partner and work together on a joint presentation. Zoom actually makes this quite easy.

Today we are living in a Video world and as an example of how Zoom is helping Laura & I describe this workshop click here