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Welcome to the Academy for Lifelong Learning Toronto!

About the Academy for Lifelong Learning Toronto

The Academy for Lifelong Learning (ALLTO) was formed in 1991 so that members could enjoy learning together. Its core value is peer learning. ALLTO members share their knowledge both as participants and as facilitators in daytime workshops from September through March. During the year, members also enjoy a series of forums and talks by invited guests, participate in special interest groups, and join curated walks around Toronto. Members volunteer their skills to create a vibrant organization of friends and colleagues.

For more in-depth information about everything the Academy offers, check out Academy for Lifelong Learning: A Great Option in Retirement.

Upcoming Talks, Walks and Special Events

Check the Calendar for key dates for talks, walks and special events. Dates for workshops / courses are listed in the workshop dates section of the Workshops page.

Academy for Lifelong Learning Toronto workshop with ALLTO members.


Academy members participate in workshops / courses and enjoy lively discussions about a variety of topics. Workshops are offered both in-person and online.


Academy members and well-known experts present thought-provoking talks on a wide range of academic, social, and political issues.



Join Academy members to explore Toronto’s neighbourhoods.

Special Events and Special Interest Groups

Meet and mingle with Academy members at a number of social events. Chat at the Coffee Chat or with members in our Special Interest Groups.

Special Events